Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Know your summer enemy: 5 facts about fruit flies

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .


Andrew Hebda, the curator of zoology at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, said has provided a list of fruit fly facts that will help you know your enemy — and maybe win the battle against this dreaded pest of summer.

New beetle species discovered in Fredericton park

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Newly discovered species of beetle, Mniusa Odelli

A lifetime of research is paying off for Fredericton entomologist Reginald Webster, who says he has discovered a new species of beetle living in the city's Odell Park.

Octopus mom waits record 4.5 years for eggs to hatch

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Octopus mom brooding eggs

A devoted deep-sea octopus mom has broken a record for parental self-sacrifice after spending 4.5 years with her arms wrapped around her eggs until they hatched.

Gas company sues tiny village for $1.5M — 5 times its annual budget

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .


The Gaspésie village of Ristigouche-Sud-Est is being sued by Gastem, an oil and gas exploration company, for passing a bylaw establishing a two-kilometre no-drill zone near its municipal water sources.

Microsoft Cortana digital assistant coming to Canada

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Cortana, World Cup

Microsoft is rolling out Cortana, a digital assistant similar to Apple's Siri, in countries outside the U.S. as part of an update to Windows Phone 8.1.

Opera uses Google Glass to share onstage views

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Google Glass Fashion Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2013

Ever wonder what an opera looks and sounds like from the soprano's perspective on the stage? You'll have the chance to find out for the first time this afternoon.

Political staffers best be wary when wrangling Wikipedia entries

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .


A Twitter account that alerts Wikipedia edits made from parliamentary computers has been seen as shining a light on furtive attempts by political staffers to burnish the online images of their bosses — or tarnish those of their opponents. But a little image-management is not necessarily nefarious, writes Kady O'Malley.

New energy storage technology to be tested in Nova Scotia

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Danielle Fong

Hundreds of wind turbines are delivering power to Nova Scotia’s energy grid these days, but one of the challenges they face is how to store surplus energy for when the wind’s not blowing.

Twitter stock soars as number of active users surpasses 270 million

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

APTOPIX Wall Street Twitter IPO

Shares in social media company Twitter spiked after hours on Tuesday as the company revealed it more than doubled its revenue in the last quarter and now claims 271 million people actively use its service every month.

Be like Tom Cruise in Minority Report: motion-control armband out now

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Aaron Grant Thalmic

Thalmic Labs of Kitchener, Ont., has begun shipping pre-orders of its Myo armband, a device that allows people to control computers and other devices with arm movements.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Minuum's tiny virtual keyboards solve the fat finger problem

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Will Walmsley

Typing on a smartphone is hard enough – imagine doing it on a smartwatch or other wearable device. A Toronto startup called Minuum is trying to solve that problem with a tiny virtual keyboard.

Internet usage-based pricing confuses consumers, U.S. watchdog finds

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Computer keyboard

Consumers often incorrectly estimate how much data they consume online and pay internet providers for more downloading and uploading than they actually do, a U.S. government watchdog says.

'Hot Seat' alarm alerts parents who forget child in hot car

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

Alissa Chavez Hot Seat

A 17-year-old girl from New Mexico has invented a device aimed at reducing the chance a child will die in an overheated car.

BlackBerry boosts security assets with Germany's SecuSmart

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .

John Chen AGM

BlackBerry has bought German anti-eavesdropping firm SecuSmart in a move to bulk up its security assets.

Chinese cyberattack hits Canada's National Research Council

Otmane El Rhazi from CBC | Technology News .


A 'highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor' recently managed to hack into the computer systems at Canada’s National Research Council, confirms the country's chief information officer, Corinne Charette. Rosemary Barton has the details.